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Wheel Wash

Save time and money from costly street cleaning and liabilities tracking mud, dust, and dirt onto public roads with ACF West’s portable wheel wash systems.


Option 1: Relocatable gravity flow system. You will need only two of the components: the wash platform and either the water recycling or the solid separation tank. Both pieces of the system require excavation so that they can be set inground, but can easily be removed and relocated when the project is completed.


Option 2: Totally portable system. This system will require all four of the component pieces. The small water collection chamber holds a wash water return pump and as the chamber collects the return wash water; this extra pump returns the waters and solids to the tank for recycling.


Option 3: Inground Wash Elements with Above Ground Tank. This is a mix of the two above options and is ideal in many applicatons. The wash elements and water collection chamber are set in the ground and the operator will use gravel to transition the grade from the road to the top of the wash platform. The water recycling and solid separation tank itself, however, is set adjacent to the system on level ground. This avoids the need for the ramps.

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Watch the above video to see a Neptune Wheel Wash in action. ACF West sells and rents Wheel Washes and Rumble Plates.


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