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ACF West is the leading Northwest distributor of geosynthetics. With over 100,000 square feet of inventory space, our extensive product catalog allows us to provide reliable, quality, and cost-effective solutions for a wide range of applications.

Geotextiles help improve the stability, filtration, and constructability of soil. Our woven and nonwoven geotextiles apply to a broad range of applications.  Learn more

We have a variety of liner materials: EPDM rubber, PVC and HDPE resin-based, bentonite clay, and specialty liners for secondary containment and potable water.  Learn more

ACF West has lead the way in distributing the first mechanically-bonded fiber matrix available in the US. View our complete line of mulch products. Learn more

Erosion blankets help prevent soil loss due to water or wind and eliminates sediment run-off. These are ideal for protecting seed and help establishing plant growth. Learn more

Biodegradable geotextiles are for temporary sub-soil stabilization, providing a fabric for short-term applications, such as mulching, soil erosion control, landscaping etc. Learn more

Geogrids give structural reinforcement and confinement in soils. Uniaxial geogrids are mainly used to reinforce the soil mass in a steepened slope or retaining wall. Learn more

Biaxial geogrids are designed to distribute loads over a wider area, increasing the load capacity of the soil while maintaining tensile strength. Learn more

With its unique geogrid and geotextile fused structure, combigrids are the industry’s best solution for building lowercost, longer lasting and more reliable trafficked surfaces. Learn more

The most commonly used geotextile for erosion control, silt fences block sediment while letting the water slowly flow through the fabric. Learn more

Fiber rolls (or straw wattles) are very effective for sediment control. They reduce the rate of water flow while absorbing water and filtering sediment. Learn more

Check dams have proven to be very effective erosion and sediment control measures by reducing the flow velocities causing silt and sediment to settle upstream. Learn more

Save time and money from costly street cleaning and liabilities tracking mud, dust, and dirt onto public roads with ACF West's portable wheel wash systems. Learn more

Drive on any muddy, swampy ground without getting stuck, rutting, or tracking mud off site. Our mud mats feature easy deployment and amazing structural stability. Learn more

ACF West offers fiberglass paving geogrids for asphalt reinforcement, crack prevention,  and rut resistance.  Learn more

Paving membranes act locally to isolate crack reflection and waterproof the pavement, protecting steel reinforcement of structures. Learn more

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