Biofiltration – StormGarden / Focalpoint

Also known as a rain garden, StormGarden is a type of green infrastructure that is designed to manage stormwater runoff from developed areas.

Biofiltration – StormGarden / Focalpoint
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Biofiltration – StormGarden / Focalpoint

The StormGarden Biofilter (above) is a Low Impact Development (LID) solution for stormwater treatment. It is a micro-bioretention system that has been optimized for high flow treatment of stormwater runoff, resulting in a small footprint that can be used in parking lots, streetscapes and landscaped areas.

FocalPoint (below) High-Performance Modular Biofiltration System (HPMBS) is a scalable biofiltration system which combines the efficiency of high flow rate engineered soils with the durability and modularity of a highly pervious expandable underdrain/storage/infiltration system.

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